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About Documental Theatre -

“Documental Theatre, by all accounts, is a company to watch” The Stage.

Lucy and Cally founded Documental Theatre because they are nosy. They trained in jobs that allow them to be professionally nosy (Cally’s a mental health nurse and Lucy’s documentary-maker turned teacher) and we think a lot of people making “socially engaged” drama could be a bit nosier too. We want to make plays that take account of how real people cope under pressure, and how they rarely lose their sense of humour…or a pre-occupation with when the bins need to go out. Our writing process starts with personal encounters with people with lived experience of a subject. They are very cool people. Not in a wearing-sunglasses-indoors sort of way…in a I’ve-made terrible-and-wonderful-choices and lived to tell the tale sort of way. And we work with the services they access to ensure they give informed consent. We also work with the most talented actors and directors (they sometimes wear sunglasses indoors) and we hope the resulting work is a theatrical experience you’ll never forget. Here is our trailer for PULLING OUT...  

About Our Radio Plays -

Sound Gallery recording studio  SPLIT SECOND at Fringe TheatreFest 28-30 June & 1 July 2018

Written by Cally Hayes, it's a gripping psycho-drama about a couple’s very different reactions to the results of an antenatal test.

"Split Second is an ambitious concept - an intimate audio play that aims to draw people together through a shared listening experience" (PRSD)

Read the review here

Emily Holyoake from Exeunt Magazine feeling special in a private performance - "it's a real gift to have time carved out and shared with others, even if that shared time is spent in silence"

Tickets available for Fringe TheatreFest 2018


Arts Week Exeter 22 - 28 May 2018

ALRIGHT MATE? is Documental's first collaboration with Hugh McCann to create an audio & visual art installation

In partnership with The Roots Foundation barber shop, Cally & Hugh are co creating an art installation about men's mental health. They want to talk to as many men in Exeter as they can.

If you want to get involved, please contact us.

ALRIGHT MATE? is displayed in Roots, 6 New Bridge Street, Exeter. Ending on June 23

Find out more about the project from Cally's interview with PRSD