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It’s 2016. Lady Green is bronzing on a Super Yacht, Sir Phil Green is getting roasted by a Parliamentary Select Committee, and Sandra in Lighting, who’s worked forty-five years for BHS, is burning from the loss of her pension.

Hot Flushes – The Musical is inspired by the testimony of pension-age feminist activists. It’s the story of Sandra, a disappointed BHS pensioner on the edge of sanity and on a mission to get her dues. Sorta what you might get if Victoria Wood and Ennio Morricone collaborated after a few tequilas, and a Bristol Old Vic Open Session Play, the show features an ensemble cast & live band (baritone sax, drums, guitar) and ten original songs.

“A dysfunctional love story about the roller coaster hormonal journey of murderous menopause and remembering what home means.”

“Funny, engaging, skin-crawlingly familiar and hugely entertaining.”

Thanks to Arts Council England, Golsoncott Foundation, Elmgrant Trust and our generous crowd funders: Marcus Bernard, Tash Bell, Kelly Johnson, Sophie Bell, Kirsty Cox , Joe Tatton-Brown and Estelle Buckridge (plus those who stayed anonymous!)


The Theatre Shop | Clevedon

17th May | 7.30pm | £12

Bristol | Wardrobe Theatre

6th Jun – 8th Jun | 7.30pm (plus 2pm on Sat) | £10

London | Camden People’s Theatre

13th Jun – 15th Jun | 7.15pm | £12/£10

Exeter | Exeter Fringe Festival

30th July 7pm Barnfield Theatre £14.50 (£13 Concessions) available from 01392 271 808 and here.Michelle Ridings Hi Res