Laminated picLaminated

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January ’19 at 7pm, Exeter Phoenix.

Written by Lucy Bell, developed with support from Bristol Old Vic and Theatre Royal Plymouth

A tale of crime, passion and Fablon, set in a small Devon town…

“In the estate agent window on Fore Street there is a laminated picture of the home Bill and I bought to start a family, price reduced for quick sale. January is a stupid time to put a place on the market but that’s one thing we agree on now. We both need to move on. How did it come to this? How on earth did I miss all the clues along the way? I guess this story began seven years ago but it built to its grisly climax in the two weeks before Christmas, to a soundtrack of screeching breaks and something far worse: Greatest Hits of West Life…”

LAMINATED uses comedy, a tapestry of characters and a breakneck twisty-turny plot to explore the impact on marriage and siblings of being a family with a high needs child. The script was inspired by the frank and funny testimonies of “special needs families”, but is just as much about the universal question: what makes enduring relationships endure?

Dur. 1 hr



Alright Mate? Private View 1 The Roots Foundation Barbershop Alright Mate? features in Exeter Living Magazine July 2018 IMG_0734 Alright Mate

Alright Mate?

Documental’s collaboration with Hugh McCann to create an audio & visual art installation

In partnership with The Roots Foundation barber shop, Cally & Hugh have co-created an art installation about men’s mental health.

ALRIGHT MATE? will be touring in November. Details to follow. Find out more about the project from Cally’s interview with PRSD