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My name is Zulaikah, I’m 31 and live in the North of England. I wanted to participate in the Props archive because, given my situation, my family’s situation and my faith, I relate to the theme of “isolation and lost freedoms”.

My situation

I have had a loved one who has been incarcerated for a very long time under the Terrorism Act. My experience of isolation didn’t start after he was arrested, however, but began before that because I wear a hijab.

Three things in my bag

Three objects on my shelf

The kinds of things people say about me


“Family of terrorists.”

“Get them out of this country.”

What I would change if I had super powers

I would attempt to change hearts for the better by: 

-focusing on ways to build knowledge and respect and understanding for a healthier society – make it an obligation for the rich to help the poor

-use our taxes in a much more fruitful, productive way

Something I see
out of my

Trees and snow

An object which marks a threshold or boundary in my life

My reflection. Myself. My weaknesses. We are our greatest critics. We create our own boundaries and limitations. 

I believe as long we are not displeasing our Lord, we can pursue great heights, with His help.

On the other hand, those of us who are serving our ego instead of God may “achieve”, but the satisfaction and feeling of sincere contentment will be missing.

Something I am
waiting for

Hand Crafted

A ritual I can’t
do without

Definitely my prayer and
invocations to Allah (God)

A random comment I overheard

“She is just jealous” Who knows who the person was talking about? Honestly, I’m usually in my own world ?

Three pieces of music that get me through

Quran recitation in general. I do not understand the Arabic, so I have to read the English translation to understand it. However, even so, simply listening to the harmonious recitation is soothing enough to calm and relax me.

Lastly, I like to listen to nature: it is a kind of music. There are godly signs in every form of nature. I find the sound of water very therapeutic, particularly sound and sight of waterfalls, the oceans or simply rain.