“Props” is a series of six compelling audio dramas about characters living isolated lives to support others. The project is funded by Audio Content Fund and Arts Council England and you can listen to the plays HERE https://www.audiocontentfund.org.uk/projects/props/

Long before COVID, many people were living with a new normal in order to support someone else. PROPS is a digital archive and radio series to spotlight the lived experience of these unsung heroes.

Through our research process we have spoken to:

Carers – Forces families – Families of serving prisoners – People supporting a loved one through an immigration process – Children of remote islanders – Workers from overseas, sending money to their families – People caring for looked after children in residential care – Loved ones of people overcoming addiction

We found sixteen amazing participants. They’ve each curated a timely photographic archive of their daily lives: images of what gives them strength and what they hope will change.

Our participants were then interviewed by our six writers, director and producer. From these testimonies Documental has produced six original radio plays for broadcast on National Prison Radio and numerous community radio stations up and down the country.

The creative team includes artistic director Lucy Bell, director Sarah Meadows, producer Naomi Turner, sound designer Jack Drewry and Duncan Chave, composer Ben Kwasi Burrell, assistant producer Katie Wood and these writers:

Mina Barber, Cathy Crabb, Neela Dolezalova, Stephen Myott-Meadows, Bisola Alabi and Lucy Bell

The archive, interviews and plays will be available from July 2021.

PROPS is funded by Golsoncott Foundation, Arts Council England and Audio Content Fund