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My name is Mandy. I’m sixty years old and live in Bournemouth.

I wanted to participate in the Props archive because I cared for my daughter for fifteen years during which time she had a problem with drink. She finally decided to stop two years ago.

My situation

I took her two children in and was determined to encourage her to stop drinking any way I could, for the love I had for her and my two grandchildren. To be honest, she almost died and inside, I was dying, but I didn’t give up! I want my story to give hope and positivity to all other addicts and their families.

Three things in my bag

Three objects on my shelf

Something I am waiting for

My daughter’s wedding in July and our whole family holiday in June.

Three objects I would rescue in a fire

Family photos

My mobile

My coat

Three things I see out of my window



Neighbour’s car

The kinds of things people say about me

People say how strong I am with what I did. I don’t see it as strength, I see it as pure love

Three random comments I’ve overheard

“Tesco is so expensive, I’m not shopping there anymore.”

“Look at that girl’s beautiful hair”

“I don’t think we are going to get snow”

A ritual I can’t do

I clean my whole bungalow with Dettol as it smells so clean and fresh. I clean the kitchen at least twice a day with it.

What I would change if I was running the country

The first thing I would do is stop shops and supermarkets deals on alcohol and allowing it to be sold 24/7

Something that marks a boundary in my life

No alcohol in this house ever.

Three pieces of music that get me through