“The lyricism of an individual’s voice and the way they tell their story is particularly interesting to Bell, and appears to facilitate much of the creativity behind Documental productions”

Rosemary Waugh in Exeunt article here

“So funny and a wee bit heart-breaking” (F*ck Tai Chi at Exeter Northcott Theatre)

Chris White, Bard of Exeter

“Laminated is a lovely piece of writing with a wonderful central character. It’s unassuming and seemingly gentle with emotions buried deep underground”

David Lockwood, Artistic Director, Bike Shed Theatre

“A solar plexus punch of a play” (Laminated at Exeter Phoenix)

Audience member

“I laughed, sang along with some choruses and reflected deeply about where we are and what we have become…it left me smiling and yet wondering why we are not more angry.” (Hot Flushes)

**** The PRSD 

“A remarkable representation of the realities of young parenthood that is tackled with heart, sensitivity and humour” (Pulling Out at Wardrobe Theatre)

Naia Headland-Vanni in Exeunt review here

“Cunningly constructed and gloriously sung” (Score)

Lyn Gardner  review here

“Score is a wonderful show, one that realistically portrays drug users and ex-offenders as exactly like the rest of us – somewhere between stainless angels and evil, downtrodden monsters.”
Rosemary Waugh in Exeunt review here

 “Laugh-out-loud lines sit unapologetically beside the frustration of witnessing these two young women trying to save each other, but never quite managing to be in the same place at the same time.” (Score)
★★★★ The Public Reviews review here

“A powerful theatrical hit.” (Score)
★★★★ FemaleArts  review here