Pulling Out

PULLING OUT by Lucy Bell   Leo’s seventeen. He’s got a decent right-swipe-rate on Tinder and a newborn. He’s mixing formula and shelling out for Pampers ‘cause of the more reliable gusset. He wants to go the distance as a dad. That’s if his mates or Caitlin, his baby’s mum,


SCORE by Lucy Bell   Score cascades through time to tell the story of Hannah and Kirsty, two childhood friends who’ve been through everything together; nativity plays, playground fights, teen pregnancy, rubbish boyfriends, heroin addiction, missing dogs, and motherhood. There’s been some shit, that’s for sure – but then there’s

Hot Flushes

HOT FLUSHES Book by Lucy Bell, with lyrics by Lucy Bell and Charlie Coldfield.   A Country and Western musical about pension poverty It’s 2016. Lady Green is bronzing on a Super Yacht, Sir Phil Green is getting roasted by a Parliamentary Select Committee, and Sandra in Lighting, who’s worked forty-five