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My name is Jack Smith and I’m 15 years old and I’m currently doing S4 in school (fourth year of secondary school – like Year 10 in England)

I come from Shetland which is where my mum and family are from and it’s the most northern group of islands in the United Kingdom.

My situation

I live on a very remote island (Foula) and due to this there is no high school here so I have to go to mainland Shetland and go to the high school there, while I’m at the school on mainland Shetland I get to come home for every third weekend and for holidays.  

Three things in my pocket

My phone, my headphones and some plectrums

Two things I see out of my window

The hills, our 2 dogs and the sea but there are other things such as the sheep, ponies and some ruined buildings

Objects on my shelf

I keep a radio to listen to in the mornings, a head torch for if we need to go outside when it’s dark, or if the power goes off, and a capo for when we play our instruments.

Three objects I would rescue in a fire

My guitar, my ukulele and my computer. I’m not including anything that is alive like our dogs or my family.

Something I’m waiting for

I’d like to stop home schooling and go to the mainland and meet all of my friends again and socialise. Another thing I’m looking forward to is for my pony having a foal this year.

Things I would change if I was running the country

If I was running the country I would have better money management and have things such as uni and college much more affordable. I would also try and create cleaner power by using things such as solar panels, windmills etc.

Three random comments I’ve overheard

“How do they get their food?”

“How do they even have electricity?”

“Why do people live there? It’s the middle of nowhere.”

Something that marks a boundary in my life

This would most likely be the sea: it separates us from the rest of Shetland, it also can stop the boat on coming and going with supplies.

Music that gets me through

I don’t listen to music very much besides when it’s on the radio but a song I’ve learnt  recently is the Streets of London  which I’m doing as part of my National 5 qualification (Music GCSE)