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My name is Abdullah, I am 42 years old and I live in Somerset. I came to the UK as a refugee and I would like to share my experiences as a Syrian refugee. I have the experience of living in the UK with close family still facing uncertainty overseas in Syria and Lebanon.

Three things in my pocket

Three things I am waiting for

British nationality

For the residence permit for my little daughter. She is only two months old and I filled a form for her to have a residence permit with the help of the charity Charis.

For my daughter to finish her A Levels and start university

Objects I would rescue in a fire

A ritual I can’t do

Drinking arabic coffee with my wife in the morning .

If I was running the country or had miraculous powers, I would change…


Three comments I overhear

Stay Safe
Thank you NHS
Have a nice day

Things people say to me

Most people I talk to, especially at the charity Charis, tell me they are so sad about what has happened in my country (Syria). I respect them because they give me support to be more independent in this country.

Three pieces of music that get me through