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My name is Ellie. I’m 25. I grew up on a Scottish island and now live in the city. I’m an artist, a writer, sister, daughter, partner, dog mum, bisexual, feminist, vegetarian. I also care for my father who has Parkinsons, and support my mum to care for him.

Three things in my bag

Pet Treats

Lip Salve

My Phone

Three objects on my shelf

Stuff I need to care for my dad when he visits

A picture of me and my Dad

The wherewithal to be creative

Something I am waiting for

To be able to go back to the island where my parents are, and to give them a hug

Objects I would rescue in a fire

A thing which marks a threshold in my life

Being far from my island

A ritual I can’t
do without

Morning tea and a phone chat with my mum.

Three pieces of music that get me through