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My name is Casey. I’m eighteen years old and live in Orkney, Scotland. My dad is a fisherman here. I wanted to participate in the Props archive because it’s something to do with time on furlough!

A routine I can’t do without

Visiting my granny every Sunday afternoon at the care home. Even though we have to stand outside I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Something I am waiting for

I am waiting on passing my Driving test!

The kinds of things people say about me

People normally say I’m very opinionated, I say what I think in most situations!

What I would change if I was running the country

I would change the way animals are treated

Three things in my
messy drawer

Three objects on
a shelf

Three things I can see out of my window

Lots of fishing gear, my honesty box for the cakes I sell outside my house, and my mums car.

Three random comments I’ve overheard

“I wish it would stop raining” 

“There’s another COVID case” 

“I wish we were allowed to meet our family and friends”

Three objects I would rescue in a fire

Besides my family of course, I would rescue my pets and my phone.

Something that marks a boundary

I found my Dad having a heart attack one time, so his life-saving medical spray – which opens up your heart – marks a change in my life.

Two pieces of music that get me through