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My name is Cathi. I’m 57 and I live in Bournemouth. I have supported my son to overcome addiction and I am an ex-cocaine user myself. I wanted to be part of the Props archive because sharing my story helps me to accept my past instead of feeling ashamed. I have been sharing my story with students at Bournemouth University for a few years now and it helps them with their understanding of drugs.

Something that marks a boundary

Something I am waiting for

a holiday by the sea

A routine I can’t do without


Objects I would rescue in a fire

If I had miraculous powers I would change

Discrimination and prejudice

Three objects on my shelf

Three objects in my drawer

Three random overheard comments

“He doesn’t like her”

“She’s amazing”

“It must be very difficult”

The kinds of things people say about me

That I’m a strong woman, which makes me feel proud but I know it’s a front I put on.

That I’m generous. I am generous with my time to help others, it’s true. It makes me feel worthy.

That I’m “straight to the point”. I am a blunt person, but I think this is a good quality to have.

Two pieces of music that get me through